24 Jan 2022

Grass Snake!!

At the recent work party (22/01/2022) we were working on removing rhododendron, cherry laurel and sycamore on the far western border of the woods. All-of-a-sudden a cry of 'snake!' went up, and lo! there was a sizeable, angry grass snake doing its very best in pretending to be an adder! Needless to say, we vacated that area and left it to its own devices, hoping that it would slither back into the hole from whence it sprang. We never cease to be surprised by what we find in Darch's Wood.

As ever, thanks to all who attended the work party: we achieved an enormous amount between us! Furthermore, the parcel of land we have been working on for at least four years is now almost restored to its former condition, with only a bit more clearance and some control of regrowth remaining before we move on elsewhere in the wood.

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