29 Nov 2021

Upcoming Work Parties

First of all, we'd like to reiterate a huge “THANK YOU!” to all the folks that helped out at our last session; there was a fantastic turnout and we cleared the largest area in one day that we’ve ever managed. Absolutely brilliant!

We’re back in the wood this weekend, continuing our clearance work from the pond up towards Back Lane. Our next batch of 200 native saplings should have arrived by then and, if we get enough folks, we’ll start planting them out on cleared ground.
The forecast is less cold than at the time of writing so, if you can spare an hour or two, we’d love to see you this coming Saturday 4th December.

We will be working in teams of no more than six, so bring your own tools (gloves essential), although we can always loan out loppers, rakes, saws, etc. if needed.

Hope to see you there! We meet at the pond at around 10:30, just follow the smoke.

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