7 Nov 2021

Ride Widening and Border Regeneration

The Conservation Volunteers currently have an initiative to plant millions of native trees across the UK. As part of their drive, they have very kindly donated 200 young saplings of various species to The Cross-In-Hand Amenities Society. 

Although Darch's Wood will never be short of the various species of birch and willow found within (!), within TCV's delivery there will be a number of shade-intolerant species such as hawthorn, dogwood, blackthorn and so on which are more suited to woodland-edge habitats, as well as the more usual broad-leaf species such as lime, oak, beech, hornbeam etc. which one finds creating the closed-canopy at the woodland heart.

Before......and After!

At present, the ride running the length of the east side of Darch's Wood is far too dark and narrow for its intended purpose, completely over-run as it is with the cherry laurel and rhododendron doing its level best to invade every corner of the wood. In order to make room for TCV's donation, we have therefore been clearing a long stretch of these invasive species, to be replaced by the species which one would expect to find there.

This work provides innumerable benefits. Not only would this hugely increase the health and resilience of the woodland itself, but will also provide a vital nectar source for insects (not to mention a source of berries for autumn foraging!), will let more light into the wood for the understory to flourish, and will continue to shield the woodland from the worst of the easterly winds, helping to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity within the woodland. AND it will look lovely to the human observer when fully grown! Except for the shielding of the woods from wind, none of this currently occurs with the cherry laurel and rhododendron in place.

We were all gladdened to see that the workparty we held on 6th November 2021 was again very well attended, and managed to rejuvenate a considerable length of the eastern border after years of neglect. Heartfelt thanks to all who attended; your time and efforts are fully appreciated. As ever, if you feel you would like to donate an hour or two of your time to our 'Green Gym' workparties and help to make a real difference to Darch's Wood, you are only too welcome.

All we need to do now is plant the saplings once they arrive!

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