1 Dec 2020

Post-Lockdown 2 Working Sessions!

As we stagger from the gloom of Lockdown 2 and stride purposefully into the sunlit uplands of a Tier 2 recovery where-in the unicorns dwell, I’m pleased to announce that the Society can resume its Saturday work sessions in the wood, albeit socially distanced. 

At the moment, we have successfully cleared a vast amount of the invasive Cherry laurel, and the daylight streaming into that section of wood is amazing; the significant regrowth of clonal young Aspen that we’ve already seen making the most of that 'new' light is going to look an absolute treat in the Spring.

However, we are left with a huge amount of brash that needs clearing and burning before we see the real benefits of those clearance efforts - we need YOU!


We’ll split the current section into areas and, in order to comply with Tier 2 regulations, the plan is to have no more than 6 individuals working an area with a competent adult responsible for each.


The forecast is changeable but, if you can spare an hour or two, the next session is this Saturday 5th December.


Social distancing will be the norm, so if you can bring your own tools (gloves essential) it would be preferable; if not, we have a stash of loppers, rakes, saws &c. to loan .


Meet at the pond at around 11:00: just follow the smoke!

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