7 Oct 2020

Winter 20/21 Work Parties

October approaches and the cherry laurel and rhododendron ponticum are (rightly) quaking in their roots!

We’ll be ringing the changes with our work sessions this season with a move to fortnightly Saturday fixtures – this to give those otherwise occupied on Sundays the chance to participate in the clearance work.

If you can spare an hour or two, our first session will be on Saturday 10th October and we’d be as delighted as we always are to see you.

Covid-19 is obviously an issue, but one that we should be able to work with if we maintain social distancing (and avoid any undue kissing and cuddling). If you can bring your own tools (gloves and decent boots essential) it would be preferable; if you've none we can loan loppers, rakes, saws etc.

The plan, as usual, is to meet at the pond at around 11:00 - look out for the smoke.

Post Script: We had a successful trial earlier in the year making our own Darch’s Charcoal (see below). We have a stack of dried timber from previous sessions and will be firing up the retort (cooker) early on to make another batch while we get on with the general clearance work.

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