3 Oct 2019

Winter 2019/20 Volunteer Working Groups

Now we are officially outside of the bird nesting season, we are recommencing our weekend volunteer days on the First and Third Sundays of every month throughout the Autumn and Winter. 

Tasks include helping out with rhododendron and cherry laurel clearance, fixing/building leaky dams, helping to tend the bonfire and even just catching up with other members! It's a very rewarding and enjoyable way to spend an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon and we always go home satisfied that we have both made a real difference, and burnt a few calories in the process! You don't have to work any harder than you wish, and you came come and go as you please, but any time you are able offer us in carrying out this vital work can only be completed with the help of our willing volunteers. We are grateful even for an hour of your time!

We meet near the pond around 11am and usually go on until dusk, or until we run out of steam. Do bring your own tools if you have them, we usually have a few spares but the more the merrier!

So sharpen up those loppers and tree saws, dust off your rake and polish your wellies and come and help restore our woodland to its natural beauty. We look forward to seeing you in the woods!

Next meet: Sunday 2nd February 2020

Why do we clear rhododendron and cherry laurel?
These are non-native species that don't belong in a healthy woodland. Often, these are garden escapees that have been left to run wild for many years. They quickly block out light to the woodland floor and outcompete all other plant species, and if left alone Darch's Wood would eventually become a monoculture of rhododendron with dead and dying trees poking out the top! Clearing these non-native invasive species safeguards the biodiversity and health of the woodland for decades to come and, once cleared, the next generation of new native trees will take root and the bluebells, lesser celandines and wood anemones will once again put on their show in the spring. 

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