21 Dec 2018


1st Ringmer Scout Troup Task List

Continuing our research into the history of Darch’s Wood, we found that back in 1978 the 1st Ringmer Scout Troup carried out basic maintenance work in the wood under the supervision of Scout Leader Brian Howard.  
The following list of additional tasks were proposed by our former Chairman Harry Hatcher in 1979, although we haven’t been able to establish if these works ever took place. 
Task List
The youths should come with a large saw, small saw, spade and secateurs.
1 – Reinstate that small wooden bridge near my gate, the large cross beams to be recovered from a few feet north of the bridge site – vandals destroyed the bridge and apparently used the cross beams to try and make a dam and form a lake.
2 – Clear all three streams of fallen trees and all rubbish which prevents free flow of water.  See that the streams all go straight through the old brick bridges.
3 – Clear the paths close to these streams so they can be looked after in future.  This must be done constantly.
4 – Brick bridges reinstated after vandal damage.
5 – Clear the lake.  Soil can partly be used to re-form the island.

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