15 Aug 2017

Old Common - Parish Council Refusal

The Parish Council Planning and Highways Committee recommended refusal of the planning application at Old Common at a well attended meeting on Monday 14th August 2017.

Many arguments were put forward by residents objecting to the proposal, with the numerous road safety issues, the encroachment into the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and its proximity to the ancient woodland being just some of the many reasons given.

Our Chairman, John Plant, spoke specifically about the adverse impact on Darch’s Wood.  The Amenities Society has not been approached by the developer even though the application makes numerous references to draining surface water from the site into the wood, and constructing a new gate to provide direct public access into the wood. 

We believe that the increased volume of water flowing into the woodland would cause additional erosion and would have a detrimental effect to the streams and the pond.  The proximity of two public accesses behind the church renders any need for additional accesses unnecessary. Together with the noise and light pollution, and the resulting vehicle emissions so close to the ancient woodland, the Society also recommended refusal.

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