22 May 2017

Traffic Problems At Dads Hill

We are finding that the number and severity of problems on Dads Hill are increasing, including lorries blocking the lane. If residents have any problem with the site they should do the following: 
  • Take a photograph of any vehicles blocking the lane or driveways (including their registration plate) and note the date and time/duration of problem
  • Contact the Enforcement Officer at Wealden (planning@wealden.gov.uk) or telephone 01892 602460.
  • Copy (CC) any emails to Jonica Fox (cllr.jonica.fox@wealden.gov.uk) who promises to put pressure on Wealden to enforce the planning conditions
The Wealden Planning Officers have asked that the site manager introduce himself to Dad's Hill residents and provides his phone number so that he can be called if there is a blocking vehicle or other problem.

This has already been done by at least one resident, however we ask that all local residents contribute reports; the more details Wealden receive, the more can be done about it!

Welcome to Dad's Hill!

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